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CamelCase is named following the initial word staying lowercase and the second joined word setting up which has a capital letter, similar to the humps of the camel.

(Jur) → Fall m; to win one’s case → seinen Prozess gewinnen; the case with the defence/prosecution → die Verteidigung/Anklage; what’s the case for your prosecution? → worauf stützt sich die Anklage?; could we listen to the case for the defence? → das Wort hat die Verteidigung; the Keeler case → der Tumble Keeler; inside the case Higgins v Schwarz → in der Sache Higgins gegen Schwarz; to take a case into the Significant Court → einen Fall vors oberste Gericht bringen; to generate out an excellent case for a thing → überzeugende Argumente für etw liefern; the case for/from the abolition of funds punishment → die Argumente für/gegen die Abschaffung der Todesstrafe; you haven’t received a case → das Belastungsmaterial reicht nicht fileür ein Verfahren; (fig) → Sie haben keine Handhabe; to possess a great case (Jur) → gute Chancen haben durchzukommen; you/they've got a great case → es ist durchaus gerechtfertigt, was Sie/sie sagen; there’s a very good case for adopting this process → es spricht sehr viel dafür, diese Methode zu übernehmen; they don't have a very good case → sie haben nicht viel Chancen, damit durchzukommen; to put just one’s case → seinen Slide darlegen; To place the case for something → etw vertreten; there’s a powerful case for legalizing pot → es spricht viel für die Legalisierung von Hasch; there’s a very good case for voting Labour → es gibt viele Gründe, Labour zu wählen; the courtroom determined that there was no case from him → das Gericht entschied, dass nichts gegen ihn vorlag; a case of conscience → eine Gewissensfrage or -entscheidung

can be a parastatal or Group under the Ministry of Education and learning. The board is thought with distinct names in numerous states. The Board is usually a viable instrument for the implementation of academic guidelines within our secondary educational institutions, both of those webpage while in the junior secondary schools and from the senior secondary schools.

Bacterial infections are usually limited to the gastrointestinal tract, where by eggs produced within the modest bowel by adult tapeworms hatch. The embryos (oncospheres) invade the host intestinal villi, wherever they are remodeled into larvae (cysticercoids) ahead of breaking out and reattaching on the mucosal lining.

Radio and television mentions are predominantly from the United States, but print and World-wide-web media are tracked worldwide in multiple languages. Coverage might consider up to every week to seem.

Setting up: It means Doing the job out in wide out-line the things which need to be done along with the strategies for carrying out them to perform the reason set for that business.

This evaluate of threat is often expressed being a proportion boost or lessen, for instance ‘a twenty% boost in possibility’ of treatment A compared to treatment B. In the event the relative chance is three hundred%, it can also be expressed as ‘a three-fold improve’.

In some cases the speed of an celebration in a very study is offered for each individual calendar year as opposed to as a simple proportion of men and women impacted, to take into account The point that different men and women inside the study may perhaps have already been followed up for various lengths of time.

case - a conveyable container for carrying various objects; "the musicians remaining their instrument cases backstage"

But he said I was not capable to go, nor capable to stand it immediately after I got there; and I did not make out a very good case for myself, for I used to be crying just before I had completed.

The original identify of your observe, Employed in media experiments, grammars along with the Oxford English Dictionary, was "medial capitals". Other names like "InterCaps" or "CamelCase" are relatively recent plus more widespread in computer-connected communities. Other synonyms contain:

The study disclosed remarkable findings. After a essential investigation was performed in a few of the personal and community secondary schools within the state money, it was learned that learners in the junior secondary stage officer at most five pre-vocational topics which happen to be: Agriculture, Residence Economics, Business Experiments, Place of work Practice, and Laptop or computer Science.

Produce a rounded academic curriculum that broadens the scope of Discovering experiences for young people.

We know intuitively that diversity issues. It’s also increasingly distinct that it is smart in purely business phrases. Our most up-to-date exploration finds that firms in the top quartile for gender or racial and ethnic range usually tend to have economical returns earlier mentioned their national market medians.

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